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Why you should be using video to market your school.

There is no doubt that a massive amount of research goes into selecting the perfect school for your child. For nearly every parent, that search begins online, where they want a quick, easy and accessible way to have a look around the school, and find out what they stand for. Video will do just that.

For most schools, this is a missed opportunity that can easily addressed. A good video should break the ice between the parents and the school, giving them an inside look at the schools culture, it’s facilities, heritage and values, leaving them with a sense of comfort in knowing that there is so much more to this school than just classrooms and playgrounds.

Around the world video is becoming a staple tool for marketers who want to create a connection viewers. Which makes it perfect for schools who need to present a good first image to parents in order to remain top of mind and set themselves apart from other schools. The highly shareable nature of video also means that they can very easily be shared with friends, aunties and grannies, for second opinions, without the hassle of trying to get them to read the website. Here are some types of videos that will help existing and prospective parents fall in love with your school:

1. “Meet the school” video 2. Teacher interviews 3. Event videos 4. Thought leadership videos 5. School music video 6. Open day videos 7. History of videos 8. Cultural videos 9. Achievements and milestones 10. Alumni interviews As an example of what can be done, here are some videos we made for a school that we work with regularly.

They loved this video so much that they wanted to create short videos about the different faculties within the school

Music at the Ridge School

Sport at the Ridge School

The Ridge Science and Innovation Centre

The Ridge Centenary Video

We also regularly work with Kingsmead college, click on the links below to see the videos.

Who is Snippet Video

At Snippet Video, we partner with businesses, brands and schools to conceptualise and create videos that help them engage with viewers and stand out for the crowd.

Our goal is to work with our customers on a regular basis in order to create impactful video content that can be shared across any platform.

Contact us to find out how you can partner with us for your next video.

011 268 1222

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