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BTS at the SA Banking conference 2017 | Snippet Vlog #001

Generally, we don't do a lot of conferences but the Banking Association Conference is one that we do every year. It's usually really well attended by a number of SA's top bankers, businessmen and, as you would imagine, journos looking for a scoop!

While I think we can all agree that there are probably more exciting topics, it's always a great one to film. This year's event was no different.

This year we decided to create a little behind the scenes video to share with our online audience.


NOTE: When creating Behind the scenes videos like this, we take an extra person along so that our level of service is not impacted in any way.

Our Vlogs are shot mainly on mobile phones to a production level worthy only of this type of content. When shooting vlogs professionally for clients we do so with professional equipment.

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