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5 video marketing ideas for businesses

Businesses, whether new or established, should always be on top of their marketing game. Here are 5 great ways to make your business stand out with video.

1. Video Case Study

Video case studies are a fantastic way to win new business. By combining the hard facts with client testimonials, they can really grab the attention of other people in other industries. If you've made an impact on your clients business, share that story with the world.

Example: Mimecast used this video to share a great story of a smooth

software installation at Tiger Brands.

2. Video Testimonials

The purpose of a video testimonial is to showcase your relationship with your customers in a more believable and engaging format. A good video testimonial resembles a friendly conversation rather than a full-on serious interview.

Example: GOSCOR used this video to showcase the custom

solution they implemented at Famous Brands and highlight the

great relationship they have with this well known company.

3. Product Videos

Every great product deserves a great product video to help people truly understand value it offers. Studies have shown that adding a product video to a product on your website will drastically increase sales. Keep your videos short, to the point and informative to achieve best results.

Example: YALE needed a product video to help them generate

awareness for the launch of their new smart lock. These videos

were promoted across social media.

4. Teaser Videos

Teaser videos give you the opportunity to build hype for exciting company news and reassure your audience that there are exciting things in the pipeline.

They are a great way to build intrigue and keep your customers interested.

Example: PG Bison created this punchy teaser video to kick off their 2018

roadshow and entice their customers to attend one of the numerous

shows they were hosting across the country,

5. Corporate Video

Gone are the days of 10 minute corporate videos that cover every detail of your business. A modern corporate video is all about delivering information and winning the customer's trust. It should inspire the viewer to choose you over your competitors.

It should be easy to an easy to understand, to the point explanation of what you do, how you do it and why that matters.

Example: Trencon wanted to create a video that they could share with

prospective clients and to show, rather than tell viewers what they were

capable of.

At Snippet Video, we love to help our customers market their business with video. Get in touch with us so we can help you with your next marketing idea.

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