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A day out with the Snippet Team | Snippet Vlog #005

We've had a busy few weeks at the Snippet Headquarters and we wanted to show you some behind the scenes from 2 of our shoots that took place on one day.

On July 5th, 2 of our Snippeteers ventured out into Joburg and Pretoria to capture footage for 2 of our clients, SYSPRO and Kingsmead College.

The SYSPRO Shoot

SYSPRO is turning 40 years old this year (what an achievement) and we were tasked with interviewing their staff with some fun questions and capturing a short birthday message to SYSPRO. We loved working with them and they really are a great bunch! We delivered the footage the very next day to their global team as part of their 40 year campaign.

The Kingsmead College Shoot

The next shoot was a first for us, filming for Kingsmead College at the World Choir Games at the University of Pretoria. We had no idea how big this was!!! There were hundreds of people in and out of the different venues to watch choirs take part in a competition that involved schools and choirs from all over the world! The goal was a to shoot and edit a video for Kingsmead College of the girls singing 3 songs on stage.

Here is the video from the World Choir Games:

Watch the vlog below:

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