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Schooled in the art of dentistry. | Snippet Vlog #002

We've been shooting promo videos for various departments within Wits University for the past few years now and during this time we have seen some weird and wonderful things. On this occasion we were there to create a video which would show possible future students (and anyone else who is interested) what they could expect from a degree in dentistry.

The title of the final video was The Art of Dentistry because, and you may not know this, dentists do a lot more than just clean teeth and fill holes. On a daily basis their job actually requires them to rebuild smiles. What could require more creativity than that?

See the full video here -


NOTE: When creating Behind the scenes videos like this, we take an extra person along so that our level of service is not impacted in any way.

Our Vlogs are shot mainly on mobile phones to a production level worthy only of this type of content. When shooting vlogs professionally for clients we do so with professional equipment.

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